In 2011 we installed the Estate’s first biomass boiler in the woodyard here at Halecat. Our aim was to sustainably heat Halecat’s homes, office units and our woodland operations. The 200kW boiler uses around 200 tonnes of wood per year and is fuelled by faggots (bundles of branches and twigs that are a by-product of our forestry operations.) Since it’s installation we have championed biomass as a sustainable and carbon neutral way of heating.


The trees we harvest to fuel our boiler are regenerated by coppicing or replanted. This is great for wildlife and makes our fuel source constantly renewable in a way that gas, coal and oil are not.

Almost Carbon Neutral….

The re growing trees take up almost as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as is released when the wood is burnt, contributing very little to global warming. 

We welcome visitors to our yard and are always happy to show people around and answer all questions biomass. Witherslack Woodlands are also approved and registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) for Virgin naturally seasoned firewood (BSL0010929-0001) click here for a list of Biomass Suppliers.